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Welcome to No Place Like Home. We are so grateful that you are interested in joining our wonderful site. We are set in New York and run in fluid time, meaning it is currently Feb 2018! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of our amazing staff members!

Please register in all UPPERCASE such as, DOROTHY GALE.

Thanks for checking us out and remember, there is no place like home.

updates & news !

February 2nd

Hey everyone! We have been hard at work revamping the beautiful NPLH and we are officially open for business! We also have a wonderful site event to kick things off! Check off our scavenger hunt here

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 2. Rules
 Posted: Jul 18 2017, 07:30 PM
24 years young
basically married
played by Salem


1. Registration

When registering, please do so with your characters first and last names in ALL CAPS. For example, DOROTHY GALE. If you make a mistake you should be able to change it in your control panel. If you need help please message a staff member. We do allow duplicate first names but only duplicate last names for a family. Check our member page and search for last names to make sure the one you want hasn't already been claimed! Also, please register with our cbox with your alias and drop in to say hi!

2. Rating

We are a jcink premium site and allow mature content so all members, characters, and faces have to be over the age of eighteen. Please mark mature topics with a [m] in the topic title and threads with a trigger warning [tw] in the topic title. THIS INCLUDES SHIPPERS! There is a bbcode to use located at the top of the posting options or with our bbcode list to list triggers in threads with trigger warnings and it must be used. Read more about trigger warnings here

3. Joining

We have a shipper style application. You have seven days to post a completed shipper app after you join us. Once you are finished, either post your app in the completed board or bump your app and a staff member will look it over ASAP! Afterward, your app will be placed in limbo until all claims are finished. Please fill out all of your claims and the mini profile settings required for sorting. Once you are finished, post in the finished thread and then you can get started posting! A staff member will sort your shipper ASAP.

4. Characters

We currently have no bans on member groups and no character limits. Make as many characters as you wish as long as you are able to keep them all active! We ask that you make at least one post a week per character account (comms do not count). Staff reserves the right to put a character freeze on anyone we think might be getting overwhelmed character wise. We will only do this if you are not keeping your current characters active. All members, characters, and faces must be 18 and older (with a +/- 5 rule). We only accept famous faces (actors, musicians, signed models etc.)

5. Activity

We ask that you make at least 1 in character post a week. We will do a monthly check in to make sure people are still around and bimonthly formal activity checks. If you are going to be absent for more than a day or two, post in our OOC absent board to keep your characters safe from the activity checks.

6. Posting

We have no word count. Please be mindful of the effort the person you are writing with puts into their post and try to respond similarly. Remember to tag all threads, shippers, or dev posts with the [m] or [tw] tag in the topic title and post the trigger warning code if needed. We are a mature site so pretty much anything goes. Before writing potentially trigger warning content, okay it with whoever you are writing with. No god modeling or writing with triggers and content that the person you are writing with isn't comfortable with. Just be respectful!

7. Overall

lease leave all of the drama for our characters. No ooc drama in the cbox or elsewhere on the board. Also no advertising in the cbox! Respect each other, respect the staff, and have fun!
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